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Electrical Enclosures:

Sumeco provides enclosures for general purpose, special purpose, multiple application, domestic and commercial applications.

General Purpose Enclosures
Steel and stainless steel enclosures for wall mounting and a wide variety of applications.

Special Purpose Enclosures
Mining, switchboard building, push button and double door enclosures, control and relay panel enclosures, HT panel enclosures, LT panel enclosures, metering panel enclosures, distribution box, junction box.

HT Panels

VCB Panel

Battery Charger Panel

Control & Relay Panel

Electrical LT Panel

Motor Control Center

Electrical Distribution Boards

Feeder Pillar.

Multiple Application Enclosure Systems
Adaptable enclosures that can be used across a wide range of applications.
Also included in this range are our infrastructure enclosures for road side monitoring of traffic using ITS systems and our new iLINQ bayable enclosure system.

Domestic & Commercial Enclosures
Meter boxes, group and commercial metering as well as panelboards and enclosures designed specifically for NBN green field sites.

  Salient Features :

 Semi Modular construction for future extensibility on both ends,Single/Double Front, form 4 construction, compartmentalization with standard     dimension for repeatability of quality and prompt delivery.
  Seven tank process increases the life of powder coating.
  Power Coating with imported Electrostatic Powder gun and fully conveyorised Powder Coating Plant with booth and oven.
  Best available powder is used and for durability of paint, is baked at 200oC.
  Separate bus bars chambers isolated from cable alleys and unit feeder chamber for extra safety of maintenance staff.
  Design facilitating adequate space for cable or bus duct termination and providing required cable supports.
  Designed to meet climatic conditions.

Cable Trays:

Our Cable Trays Are Cost Saving: Sumeco Cable Trays are designed by using latest technology, so you get final product which can last longer than the Cable Trays which are designed using Simple Process.

Installation cost: The Installation Cost on our Cable Trays is less as compared to others.

Maintenance Savings: You get latest Cable Trays, hence they don't need so much of maintainance as others.

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